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With in few sessions of healing able to calm my mind and even able to see yang while eyes closed. Long way to go but got new profund self confidence. The best part that worked perfectly to me is ancient tibetian bowl healing method. Though we all have the power to heal ourselves by nature this Tibetan bowl works much better to go much deeper of wounds to come to the surface and got confidence to face it. Thanks to Shiv

Ashwini Ramesh

Met shiv through my colleague for my stress and anxiety issues! Wonderful journey with him and I feel very positive the time we started the sessions resulting lot of happiness…I tend feel comfortable and open up certain things resulting in complete un burdening of myself..I wish to continue and recommend for anyone who has issues! Thanks for touching my life and I wish u do more..thanks again!


I had mental unrest before visiting Dr. Shiva. After the hyponetic therapy sessions I was able to speak with calmness and confidence. I was able to look into the eyes with other people and have good conversation.
I started to read books, have mental peace.
The apps which he suggested me also keeps me peaceful during normal days.
He reinstalled faith, hope in me.
He is more than a psychologist to me. He helped me really in my life

Akash Arumugam Pillai Kala

I went to meet shiva doctor for my wife who was having neck pain and anxiety. I'm from Andaman and I was recommended to meet him at Chennai. I was told you go and meet him all your problems will be solved. As I came from Andaman specially to get my wife cured I came from the time I reached Chennai and im coming for a month. I must say the results are woñderful and she feels so light and happy. I recommend him for everyone. I'm 70 years old and he must be half of my age but he is very good and knowledgeable. Just come and sit before him you will feel the vibration..plz go and meet him..what ever he says that happens in our life now,...thanks for heàling. Soundhealing is very very good please feel and have it.

Adaikkappan C

I am from Thrissur, kerala. While I am searching for a healing therapy I Came to know about Heal with Shiv through my friend.
Yes really you get healed with lord shiva. Its that powerful.
You will get lot of positive vibes wile you enter inside the consultation room itself.
I experienced a lot of positive vibes in the first seasion itself from sound healing therapy, which was done by Dr. Shiva subramani. He is such a pious and positive filled person. I attended
second session which was nature healing therapy, which got triggered with my spiritual senses which was forgotten for past 2 years. In the second session i almost got relieved from my whole stress.
This therapy has three stages, water, fire and space. In each stage my experience was sooo amazing that i couldn't express in words. I experienced talking with higher spirits and gods.
Thanks a ton to Dr. Shiva subramanian and my prayers to grow more andmore in his services with Heal with shiv. Heal with shiv is doing an amazing service to humanity to live therir life in happy and peaceful way.

Saraswathy Viswanathan

I had lot of anxiety and panic attacks due to personal loss and had been suffering from joints pain for close to an year and I feel relieved after meeting him. Not sure what magic he does but I'm quite happy to see the difference

Anybody feels like stressed or any sort of issues either it be physical or mental .. pls do reach out to shiva

His counselling room is so good and neatly organised

Arun Siva prakash

Came with heavy migraine and stress. The healing session was wonderful that I could forget myself for an hour. This was indeed the best time I ever had in my life... It was sooooo much of peace. I would also like to comment about the therapist that he such so calm and composed and we can ask as many questions and he will still answer that with a smile. The hypnosis session was so deep and convincing that I feel like, have travelled out of all my tension problems and felt like its just a little period of illusions in life which we are considering as problems,
Could suggest everyone whether he or she having any issues in life or not visit once to just releasing that life beyond what we are living in this luxury world.
I strongly recommend everyone who need peace to visit Healwitshiv once at least.
God is always great... !!!

Maneesh muralidHaran

Meeting shiva sir has been the most special thing in my life…I have been in deep well of sadness and pain. I was very low in my life and wanted to end my life to get off the pain but it was really a wonderful journey and I could see my self with joy and self respect. Thanks for being with me always…one thing which I want to say is even today I’m able get connected with him when ever is I’m down…I’m a regular goer of his class and part of his meditation group!

sridevi raj

I visited Dr shiv for my son. He is very patient with smiling face hearing my son's problems like anger, stress, panic attacks which affected our family very badly. After the sessions he had with the doctor, my son improved a lot day by day. Now I am very happy to see my sons progress. I thank God for showing this doctor, who made my family happy now. I strongly recommend anyone who have mental stress problems in life.


It was a great experience to have a meeting with shiva. I would like to meet him again. I was feel relax during the session and after I feel stress free life. I would like recommend anyone who affected mentally to meet shiva. His guidance were very useful for our life. Nice human being. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Padmaja sugumar

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